Staff Handbooks and HR Policies

As a business grows, policies and procedures for managing the business are inevitably adopted. From an employment law perspective there are certain key policies and procedures that all employers should have;

  1. Disciplinary Procedure
  2. Grievance Procedure
  3. Equal Opportunities Policy
  4. Data Protection Policy
  5. IT and Communications Systems Policy
  6. Anti-Bribery Policy
  7. Health and Safety Policy

There are then many other policies you might choose to have depending on your businesses circumstances, for example policies dealing with family rights, a whistleblowing policy, home/hybrid working policy, dress code, social media policy and many more.

How can we help you?

The number of policies can become overwhelming and it is important therefore that you ensure that your staff handbook contains those policies that are right and relevant to your business. Our specialist Employment Law Team can help advise you on the various policies most relevant for you and help in drafting a staff handbook that is both comprehensive enough to protect the business but also user friendly for your benefit and also for your staff.