Grievance Procedures

It is a sad reality that sometimes things happen within the workplace which can leave employees feeling very unhappy. This could be an issue with the employer/business owner or it could be with customers or colleagues. As an employer it is important that you provide a route for them to raise these concerns with you via your grievance procedure.

All grievances should be dealt with in accordance with the ACAS Code of Practice. Any employee who is aggrieved should be encouraged in the first instance to speak with their manager or business owner to see if their concerns can be resolved. If not or it is sufficiently serious they should be asked to set out their concerns formally in writing and then invited to a grievance meeting to discuss them further. After the grievance meeting the employer should investigate further as appropriate and then set out any conclusion and recommendations in writing, granting the employee the right of appeal.

These situations can be particularly challenging for employers as most employees are often reluctant to ‘rock the boat’ unless it is for something particularly concerning to them. They are often by then heavily tied to their belief that they have been the victim of some wrongdoing and it can often require real ingenuity to come up with a solution that brings the employee back on side.

How can we help you?

The Nockolds Employment Law Team specialises in dealing with grievances of all kinds and in helping employers comply with their legal obligations whilst also trying to resolve the issues and problems which have arisen.