Complaints Mediation Schemes

In a regulated profession or sector, it is paramount that the relationship between the professional and the customer/client/consumer/patient is based on trust and confidence.

Dissatisfaction and bad feedback about the service or products received can escalate to a complaint or concern, so it is important that any issue is resolved as quickly and as close to the source as possible.

The risk of escalation (to court or regulator), commercial risk of non-payment and reputational damage are three important reasons to offer a clear complaint policy and have access to an independent complaint mediation scheme. Fundamentally, businesses and professions must demonstrate a commitment to client care and empower their own organisations with a learning culture.

How can we help you?

As an approved ADR provider, we are able to deliver bespoke business-to-consumer mediation schemes that provide early mediation where local resolution has not been successful, whilst ensuring that serious misconduct concerns are referred to the regulator for consideration.

Following a consultation with the professional, stakeholders and consumers, we create a tailored scheme which combines resolution skills and a solid understanding of the sector, supported by insight sharing.

We offer experience in supporting regulators to define:

  • Strategies to offer effective and timely complaint and concern management
  • Seriousness, and how this determines investigations into issues which impair a professional’s ability to practise (Acceptance Criteria)
  • An approach to handling corporate complaints

In addition to the day-to-day complaint resolution, we work alongside the regulator/industry to share data and trend insights to develop strategies, guidance and awareness to learn from complaints and minimise recurrence.

We currently deliver: