Employment Law and HR Training

We believe that most employment law challenges in the workplace can be prevented by ensuring that you comply with the law and also understand it.

Our experienced Employment Law Team and professional HR Consultants, can train you and your team on a wide range of employment law and HR issues. We deliver bespoke employment law training courses that are tailored to the needs of your company’s policies and procedures.

How can we help you?

We will work closely with your management team to understand your company’s requirements. You can choose from our range of courses and modules which will be adapted to meet your business goals and the delegates’ authority and decision making powers within your business.

Our employment law training courses can be delivered onsite at your premises directly to your people, at one of our offices, or at an offsite location if your team would prefer an away day for training. We can also deliver our training courses online via a virtual webinar. Each course is delivered using a variety of interactive strategies to ensure the greatest possible learning experience that is applicable to the delegate’s daily activities and responsibilities.

Our Employment Law and HR Training Courses

We offer employment law training to business owners, managers, SME's, HR managers and their teams on the following topics:

Employment Law Essentials (day to day): This course seeks to protect your business and help guide your team through a range of challenging employment scenarios. Topics include performance management, flexible and hybrid working requests, handling disciplinary and grievance procedures, discrimination, equal opportunities, sickness absence and following a fair dismissal process.

Family Rights: We will help to explain the complex statutory entitlements of working parents. Topics include how to deal with flexible working requests and rights for employees including maternity/paternity rights, adoption, parental leave, part-time working and time off for dependants.

Following a Fair Redundancy Process: This is always a sensitive topic which can cause significant damage to your business if handled badly. It is important you are aware of the correct procedures to follow to run a fair redundancy process, how much the process will cost you and the rights of the employee. This course will help to guide you and your management team through this challenging topic.

Managing Disciplinaries and Grievances: This course seeks to provide managers with the knowledge and tools they need in order to manage fair and consistent disciplinary and grievance processes and protect the business from disputes and employment tribunal claims. This course will provide managers with the information they need to fully investigate issues, manage difficult conversations and conduct effective meetings. We will also cover the law in respect of conduct-based dismissals including what to consider when determining the outcome and how to deal with some common tricky issues.

Managing Sickness Absence: This course will train managers in how to lawfully manage cases of short and long term sickness absence and follow a fair procedure. We will also aim to help managers to recognise and deal with signs of mental health and potential disabilities under the Equality Act 2010 and understand the types of support and adjustments which may be relevant to the process.

Restrictive Covenants: This course seeks to ensure that your business confidential information is protected and your employment contracts contain post-termination restrictions which are fit for purpose. The enforceability of restrictive covenants is a complex area of law and this course will assist you in drafting restrictive covenants which are clear, reasonable and effective in protecting your legitimate business interests.

TUPE: This is one of the most complex areas of employment law and arises at a time of extreme pressure when you are taking over or selling a business. Getting this wrong can adversely affect the commercial value of the deal with misunderstandings around staff entitlements and compensation for failing to follow the correct processes. We will guide you and your team through the key elements and what to look out for.

Workplace Wellbeing: In this course we seek to increase your understanding of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, how to promote your commitment to workplace wellbeing and how to deal with cases of poor mental health in the workplace as well as cover topics such as helping staff going through the menopause and those with disabilities.

HR Package: This course covers some of the fundamental HR processes including managing appraisals, probation and performance process management. Further information on our HR Package can be found here.

Next Steps

To discuss your specific requirements and to get a bespoke employment law training quote, please contact us now. Prices start from £500.