Employers’ Insurance

Did you know that statistically you are much more likely to have your profits dented by an employees’ legal claim than you are to have a serious fire, flood or explosion?

Recently, the number of employment tribunal claims has exploded with the large number of redundancies and dismissals arising from the pandemic. In addition, the amount of compensation awarded is increasing markedly – the average compensation for an unfair dismissal claim now stands at £10,800*, with no ceiling on awards for claims of discrimination.

How can we help you?

Our Employment Insurance Scheme** reduces unplanned expenditure on employment disputes by providing:

  • Cover for all legal costs relating to employment tribunal claims and any out of court settlements that may be reached
  • A full audit of your policies and handbooks upon changes in the law; and
  • Helpline for employment advice from our expert employment solicitors

Only 9% of claims issued last year resulted in a finding in favour of the employee bringing the claim. 

Despite this, out of approximately 110,00 cases in 2019/20, only 177 resulted in costs being recovered. This has left employers who have done everything correctly still facing a significant bill in defending a claim.  

It is important, therefore, that as well as seeking proper advice when dealing with any employment issues you also protect your business from the risk of a claim.

*Source: employment tribunal statistics mean average claims cost exclusive of lawyers fees and compensation awards
** Provided by Straight Solutions