Spanish Off-Plan Property Deposits Reclaim

If you have lost a deposit on an off-plan property in Spain, whether it’s because the developer went bust or didn’t finish the property in time, you could now be legally entitled to claim your money back.

In December 2015, the Spanish Supreme Court ruled that not only the property developers should be held liable for the payments received towards the price - the bank where those funds had been paid into should also hold joint and several liability.

How can we help you?

Our Spanish Law Team can assist you in recovering these funds.

Working on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, we provide a proactive service to help you every step of the way to reclaim your money if:

  • Your holiday or retirement home in Spain was aborted because the developer went bust
  • The developer failed to conclude the property on time
  • The property was left unfinished and is unfit to live in

We have already helped many buyers to recover their deposits over the years few years, making successful claims in accordance with the Spanish law.

It is very important that you react quickly and take immediate steps to recover the amounts put down as a deposit. This is because of the strict time limit set out by the Spanish statutes of limitations, which was reduced from 15 to five years under the new regulations.