Business in Spain

Whether your business is already established in Spain, or you are looking to expand and set up a company abroad – our English speaking Spanish Law Team can offer expert advice and guidance on a number of issues to help you do business in Spain.

In addition to this, as part of our service we are able to provide a wide range of legal and official translations for all of your business requirements. This ranges from documents relating to dispute resolution matters, including contracts and agreements, judgments and many more.

We also work closely with Notaries Public who can certify any documents you need when dealing with overseas matters.

How Can We Help You

Business Disputes in Spain

We can assist with cross-border dispute resolution and litigation issues relating to your business. We are able to recover debt and enforce judgments with an international element.

Our specialist Team is able to provide advice and representation on a number of matters, including:

  • Dealing with businesses, courts and local authorities in Spain
  • Debt recovery in Spain
  • Litigation in Spain, from its commencement to enforcement
  • Official translation service for any documents that need to be used in Spanish speaking countries
  • Registration and enforcement of English judgments in Spain
  • Spanish business issues
  • Spanish documentation, contracts and disputes

Formation of Companies in Spain

If you are looking to expand your business interests and set up a company in Spain, our Team can assist with the full process.

The Spanish administration system can often prove difficult to navigate, but with our experience we can provide you with expert advice in English whilst dealing with matters in Spain – keeping you informed throughout.

We also have well-established connections with professional agents in Spain, who we can work alongside to provide you with an efficient, expert service. We would also prepare a Power of Attorney for you which means you would not need to travel to Spain to set up the business in the initial stages.

This would include carrying out the following steps on your behalf:

  • Obtaining the Spanish Tax Identification number (NIF) for the company, and if the Spanish company is to be a subsidiary, then obtaining the NIF for the parent company as well
  • Registering the company on the Registro Mercantil (Spanish equivalent to Companies House)
  • Opening a bank account for the company
  • Completing and submitting the necessary tax forms, declarations and registrations