Insights, Feedback and Training

Intelligence and data from complaint mediation provides individuals, organisations, stakeholders and regulators with invaluable analysis.

As an impartial mediation service, we gain a unique perspective on an individual complaint - sharing particular insight on the impact of a comment or action will often unlock a dispute. Mediation facilitates the sharing of this insight within the process to support individual professionals to acknowledge, reflect and improve practice going forward.

On an industry-wide scale, this insight and intelligence is critial in developing approaches to recurring issues, driving up standards and providing early warnings of trends or concerns which can empower the regulator, the sector and the public bodies involved to act quickly and prevent issues from arising.

How can we help you?

We provide accessible, relevant and informative insight sharing based on data and intelligence collated throughout the delivery of the mediation schemes. This can be shared publicly through presentations to regulatory councils, public bodies, or internally as defined by the scope of the service delivered.

In addition, we deliver a varied programme of training sessions on complaint handling, mediation technique, customer care and communication, as well as sessions tailored to the specific sectors supported by our ADR schemes.

  • Continuing Education Training (CET)
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Peer group workshops
  • Conference lectures and presentations
  • In-house training - regulators
  • In-house