Alternatives to Family Court

We recognise that there is always more than one way to solve a problem. If going to court is not the best or most practical way to resolve your dispute, our Family Team can offer several options through alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

How can we help you?


Mediation aims to help couples find a solution that meets the needs of the whole family and feels fair to them without the need to go to court. It is a voluntary process which works by arranging a series of confidential meetings between you and your partner, where the mediator provides support and assistance for your discussions.

We can offer the services of signposting you to solicitor mediators (which we recommend for money matters) and non solicitor mediators (which we recommend for children matters), who are neutral, impartial and bring together a wide range of legal and psychological skills. We recommend that you contact us for an initial meeting as mediators recommend that each party have their own solicitor to guide them throughout the whole process. This includes advising on your initial position, helping you in the background whilst the process continues and we can advise and put legal documentation together for you at the end. If mediation, for any reason breaks down then we can then give you your options moving forward.


Arbitration is the process of resolving family law issues by independent, binding adjudication. Instead of the decision-maker being a judge at court, a qualified arbitrator will listen to the facts of your dispute and come to a decision which is then ratified by the court. The benefits of this are that you and your partner can choose the arbitrator, the date and the place of the hearing, which can considerably reduce delay.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative law aims to resolve issues by face-to-face meetings without the threat of court proceedings and lengthy correspondence. These meetings enable you and your partner to discuss your issues in the presence of your solicitors, with the aim of coming up with legally binding agreements.

We are able to offer a great depth of experience in this area as three of our Family Team have been specially trained in collaborative law. Only experienced family lawyers who have had this training are able to offer this service.

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