Lease Extension and Enfranchisement

Enfranchisement is the process of releasing yourself from the commitment of a leasehold.

While it might sound great, it’s not quite that simple. However, it does mean that you can extend the lease of your flat or get together with other flat owners to take control of your freehold.

Our enfranchisement specialists are experienced in this complex area of property law, advising landlords and tenants on freehold purchases and lease extensions.

How can we help you?

Our dedicated Team can help you with a number of enfranchisement matters including:

  • Extending the lease of your flat
  • Buying the freehold of your building collectively
  • Accepting an offer from your landlord if they wish to sell the freehold or head lease of the building
  • Applying for the right to manage your building
  • Missing or deceased landlords
  • Dealing with management issues
  • Extending the lease or buying the freehold of a leasehold house

We can also provide advice on how to deal with tricky areas such as communal gardens, parking spaces and head leases. We can help you correct any defects in your existing lease, and advise on management issues such as service charges and insurance and help you to ensure that you comply with all of your statutory obligations.

We are members of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners (ALEP) which means that we have been rigorously checked to ensure that we provide a consistently high level of service, integrity and professionalism.