Training and Consultancy

Efficient and effective complaint mediation training

Nockolds Resolution Training and Consultancy offers comprehensive training for directors, senior managers, and those responsible for complaint management within healthcare organisations.

Providing professionals with proven strategies that resolve complaints whilst protecting reputation, our tailored training programmes are available to both the public and private sectors.

How can we help you?

Empowering complaint managers to resolve patient concerns effectively, our training programmes provide professionals with the skills they need to perform efficiently.

With extensive experience in developing resolution services for large organisations, the mediation techniques we teach have been shown to triage complaints before they reach senior level or become a Fitness to Practise (FtP) investigation.

  • 98% of cases successfully resolved through mediation
  • 90% of complaints triaged at a practice level

Complaint Mediation Training

Swift, frictionless resolution through mediation is beneficial not just for the patient, but also for healthcare professionals. When complaints become legal investigations the amount of stress and anxiety caused is a significant problem for everyone involved. It is for this reason that we have developed rigorous mediation strategies that allow organisations to streamline their complaint resolution processes.

Consultancy Services

We help organisations adapt complaints procedures to include practical use of mediation techniques. These processes are beneficial because they create an internal feedback loop; lessons learned from mediation are used for continuous improvement and streamlining.

Our practical training and consultancy services create a proportionate, resolution-focussed approach to complaints mediation and can help you embed this culture shift in your organisation. The process continually improves best practice by providing important learning opportunities and insight on how to improve. This directly reflects the direction the UK Government has signalled in the recent ‘Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation’ white paper.

Bespoke complaints training and consultancy - ‘Adopt and Adapt’

By its very nature, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to complaints mediation simply does not work. Instead, our team will assist your organisation and build a powerful program that focuses on how mediation can be integrated into your existing processes. This flexible approach ultimately provides healthcare organisations with the ability to ensure continual improvement that is facilitated by reflective practice.

The training and consultancy provided by Nockolds Resolution is tailored to reflect the unique personality of your organisation, but there are core elements that are proven to be beneficial to all practitioners. These include:

  • Driving continuous improvement of standards and public protection
  • Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of professionals by reducing practitioner distress caused by inappropriate referrals into FtP
  • Maintenance of trust in your healthcare professionals
  • Increasing public and internal confidence by managing complaints effectively
  • Embedding an open culture that nurtures learning and positive change
  • Successful mediation of most complaints before escalation
  • Simplification of complaints procedures
  • Future-proofing of processes through positive feedback

Nockolds' approach to training and consultancy support is fully aligned with the UK and has been devolved using the government white paper ‘Promoting Professionalism, Reforming Regulation’. Nockolds Resolution delivers the OCCS and VCMS alternative resolution services.

Nockolds Resolution is part of Nockolds Solicitors - an alternative dispute resolution approved body and the only law firm assessed and certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute under the ADR Regulations 2015.