Disciplinary Procedures

Unfortunately from time to time things happen within the workplace which give rise to the need to take disciplinary action against an employee. Sometimes this can be for minor matters such as repeated lateness or sometimes for far more serious matters such as theft, bulling or harassment.

Almost all disciplinary procedures should follow the ACAS Code of Practice. Following an allegation of misconduct an investigation should be undertaken. What that investigation will involve will depend upon the circumstances but it may involve meeting with individuals, reviewing emails or documents, checking CCTV or interviewing the employee concerned. If there is then sufficient evidence of wrongdoing the employee should be invited to a disciplinary hearing and given a chance to put their version of events. The sanction should then be confirmed in writing and the right of appeal offered.

How can we help you?

Sometimes matters are fairly cut and dried but often the right decision can come down to one person’s word over another person’s and it can be very challenging for employers to know what to do for the best. Nockolds' Employment Team has many years of experience tackling these sorts of challenges and steering employers through the minefields that they can face.