Investigation and Notetaking Support

Carrying out Workplace Investigations

In the event of employee misconduct or a grievance being raised within the workplace, the employer will be required to carry out a workplace investigation. The thoroughness of the investigation should be equivalent to the severity of the issue. For example where gross misconduct is suspected or a grievance of a serious nature is raised, the employer will be expected to carry out a thorough investigation.

The company should appoint an appropriate Investigation Officer. The role of the Investigating Officer is to conduct a full investigation into the background of an incident, to gather the facts and present findings.  The representative is typically a senior employee within the business that is impartial to the case, or can be an individual appointed externally from outside of the business e.g. a HR Consultant.

A notetaker will also be required for an investigation, disciplinary, or grievance matter. The notetaker is responsible for documenting the discussions in the meeting, recording a summary of the meeting discussions and what was said and by whom. The notes will provide a vital record of the employer meeting their obligations to carry out full and fair processes in grievance and disciplinary matters.

At Nockolds HR we can provide on demand, pay as you go support in investigations and notetaking, including:

Our Investigation Support

At Nockolds HR we can provide on demand, pay as you go support in investigations and notetaking, including:

  1. Investigation Support
  • Acting as Investigation Officer to - provide independent, expert HR investigation support – leading an investigation, taking statements, holding investigation meetings, reviewing evidence, providing summary report and recommendations for next steps (e.g. disciplinary)
  • Upskilling line managers who are responsible for conducting investigations via our Investigation Training Workshop
  • Providing pay as you go expert HR advice to Investigation Officers into complex investigations, and coaching them through decision making
  • Giving you the tools to manage the process yourself via purchasing our On demand Investigation Management pack by contacting with templates and guidance for conducting your own investigation independently. 
  1. Notetaking and HR Representation at Meeting
  • Attend your premises to act as HR representative and take notes of a formal meeting such as grievance, disciplinary and dismissal meetings
  • Hold pre-meeting briefing sessions for the Meeting Officer to provide guidance on the structure and format of the meeting
  • Provide detailed meeting notes for company records
  1. Providing HR for HR expertise to:
  • Where there is an existing HR resource, we can provide pay as you go expert HR to coach HR person(s) through holding complex meetings, and coaching them through decision making.

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