DIY HR Toolkits

Low cost toolkits to manage your HR

Handling employee relation issues can take up a significant amount of business owners and line managers time. It can also be costly if you don’t have an internal HR department as you may need to find an outsource provider to help you manage a staffing matter. This is why Nockolds HR have developed Do It Yourself (HR Toolkits) for businesses.

Our Do It Yourself HR Toolkits are designed for businesses to manage HR scenarios themselves without the need to draft in an external provider. They are an affordable option for businesses with a limited budget, yet provide you with the essential paperwork and process information for you to handle situations such as disciplinaries, investigations, flexible working requests.

Our downloadable HR toolkits are charged at an affordable one-off price and contain all the necessary documents to manage an employee relation matter in-house yourself. Saving not only your time, but also saving your budget. Our toolkits consist of templates to guide a business through each individual HR operational practice.  The toolkits range in size, from one off documents, through to a full process. The toolkits incorporate the following documents:

  • Letter(s) 
  • Policy
  • Flow chart
  • Process instruction guide
  • Form(s)

Should you require any of the below packs, please contact

  • Appraisal
  • Disciplinary  
  • Exit Interview
  • Family Friendly
  • Flexible Working
  • Grievance
  • Hybrid Working
  • Investigation and Notetaking
  • Maternity
  • Menopause
  • Mental Health
  • Modern Slavery Act
  • New Business Owner
  • New Starter
  • Probation
  • Staff Handbook

Our HR toolkits ensure that businesses are compliant and carrying out HR processes in line with employment legislation.

At Nockolds HR, our team of HR consultants can also assist you with any questions or concerns that are raised in any of the above cases, and can provide additional advice where cases become more complex or of a higher risk.  Advice is within our on-demand ‘pay as you go’ option chargeable at our hourly rates.