Dismissing an employee is often one of the most difficult things an employer will have to do and many employers will go to great lengths to avoid doing so. 

Aside from being very difficult to do on an emotional level, it can often be expensive, demoralising for the employer and other colleagues and runs the risk of potential claims which are costly and can drag things out for a prolonged period. Whether the employee is being dismissed for misconduct, redundancy, poor performance or for another reason it is always a challenging thing to get right.

How can we help you?

If you are an employer and are in the difficult position of having to let one of your employees go, Nockolds' Employment Law Team can help you to tackle this minefield. Our lawyers have combined experience spanning decades in dealing with these difficult and challenging decisions, helping to plan the processes, prepare the paperwork and advising on tactics for how to effect the dismissal.

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