Party Wall Disputes

If you are considering carrying out certain types of work on your property, you may need to comply with the Party Wall Act 1996 where the intended work involves party walls, boundary structures, party structures and excavations near neighbouring buildings.  The Act provides a framework to follow for preventing or resolving disputes with neighbours.

How can we help you?

If you are considering works that might fall under the Party Wall Act, we can advise on the implications and steps you have to follow. If you intend or plan on starting works on your property which is near to a party wall or boundary structure (including if that is in any basement) or you otherwise plan works which involve that party wall it is very important that you seek legal advice at an early stage regarding your obligations and the notices you may be required to serve.  Inversely, if you have received notification that your neighbour is going to be carrying out works, we can advise you on your rights; if you or your neighbour have commenced works without following the steps required under the Party Wall Act 1996, we can advise you on the way forward. 

Whilst the legal framework of the Party Wall Act is put in place to help prevent disputes, we know that is not always the case. Neighbour disputes are particularly stressful because you are normally living next door to the other person. At Nockolds, we will work with you to devise a strategy, and where possible, engage in discussions with your neighbour with a view to resolving your Party Wall dispute and determine an amicable way forward. If, however, matters cannot be resolved we are able to represent you in legal proceedings, providing you with specialised support along the way.

In particular, we advises on matters which include:

  • The serving of notices and / or counter notices as required by the Party Wall Act 1996
  • Advising and assisting in respect of party wall awards generally
  • Negotiate with neighbours who wish to upset or delay planned works
  • Seeking a court order prohibiting works from starting, or stopping commenced works, known as an injunction.

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