If planning issues become contentious, our expert team supported by a planning consultant barrister, is able to advise you on the planning laws and local restrictions that govern almost all plans.

Planning issues and regulations are complex and it is always recommended that advice is sought at an early stage to avoid any potential complications, issues or disputes later on.  To that end we advise clients at the pre-development planning stage as well as later on in the development.

Whichever stage you are at it in your project, is important to take advice as penalties for non-compliance with planning laws can be severe and may include demolishing any work you have already undertaken or completed.

Planning laws are separate from building regulations and other private rights and obligations, but as a full-service law firm, Nockolds is able to advise on all areas that may affect your development.

How can we help you?

We are able to fully advise you on planning laws and building regulations and challenge local authorities’ decisions either through correspondence, the Property Ombudsman or judicial review.  If the local planning authority has taken enforcement action, we are able to act for you in any subsequent hearings and prepare and provide the necessary documents in support.  We also act for neighbours of those seeking to develop their land and advise on objecting to planning permission where permission is sought.

We aim to devise a strategy early to avoid issues later.  Where issues have already been presented, we ensure you are fully advised and seek to mitigate potential damage to your plans/development as soon as possible often by engaging in dispute resolution with the local authority.

Please get in touch with our team on 0345 646 0406 or fill in our online enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.