Employee Value Proposition

What is Employee Value Proposition?

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is how a business defines its branding and essence as an employer. It is the way that a company may attract the skills and employees they need and how they keep them engaged. It focuses around the attraction, engagement and retention of talent, in return for the skills, experience and performance that employees bring to the business. EVP considers why people want to join the organisation, and why people stay.  A strong EVP approach will make staff feel motivated and valued at work.   

Why should my business consider Employee Value Proposition?

As attracting talent is becoming more and more challenging in today’s market, businesses more than ever should be considering their Employee Value Proposition. Many proactive and organised businesses will have planned EVP strategies that encompass their approaches to attraction, engagement and retention of talent. These businesses are likely to be more successful than their competitors at securing and keeping key talent.

What should my Employee Value Proposition include?

A company’s EVP will vary significantly from business to business. But elements that could contribute towards a business’ Employee Value Proposition may include:  

  • Compensation – salary, appraisals, fairness, pay structures, additional reward
  • Benefits – annual leave, flexibility, family benefits, time off
  • Career – progression, training and development, job security,
  • Work environment – recognition, autonomy, work-life balance, duties
  • Culture – communication, leadership and management, colleagues, strategy and values

Why outsource my Employee Value Proposition needs?

Nockolds HR is an independent, outsourced HR provider. All our consultants are CIPD qualified with many years of experience in in-house and consultancy in senior HR positions. We are experienced in planning and implementing EVP strategy. As experts in this area, we can provide our best fitting solutions and our recommendations, not only on discussing your goals, identifying your talent targets, defining your EVP, promoting your brand and measuring the results. 

How are Nockolds HR’s Employee Value Proposition services provided?

At Nockolds HR, we work flexibly with your business to provide our EVP services, which we can offer your business via:

  • Fully managed EVP – working with your business to discuss your EVP goals, identifying your talent targets, define your EVP, promote your brand and measure the results. 
  • EVP briefing workshops - for leadership teams and / or internal HR teams
  • Expert advice – on demand expert advice for senior leadership or internal HR contacts wanting to explore your businesses current and desired Employee Value Proposition.