Employment Contracts

It is not just your salary and holiday entitlement that you need to make sure is right in your employment contract. Very often there are also complicated clauses which set out your obligations during your employment, what you can and can’t do when you leave your employer, as well as how much notice you will need to give them to be able to do so.

We can review your employment contract and provide you with expert advice on exactly what it says, point out any provisions that are not in your best interests, suggest adjustments that could be made and help negotiate the terms, before you sign on the dotted line. We know that very often you will need this advice quickly in order to make important decisions about a job offer and we pride ourselves on being able to provide the answers you need quickly and in an easy to understand way to ensure that you know exactly where you stand.

How can we help you?

Sometimes your current employer might want to change the terms of your existing employment contract. Usually this can only be done if you agree, but it is important to know where you stand when changes are proposed. We can advise you about the proposed amendments and whether they are fair and usual, changes that could be made to make them more reasonable for you, or whether they should be resisted altogether. In some cases, the changes proposed might mean that you feel you are unable to continue to work for your employer. Before resigning it is important that you take specialist legal advice to make sure that you are in the best possible position, particularly if you are considering making a claim to an Employment Tribunal.