Consumer Disputes

As a trader, it can be very frustrating when a service or product provided, often at considerable time and effort, results in a claim.  Unfortunately, consumer disputes often do happen and often all that is required is an amicable conversation with the customer to better understand what their concerns are and how they might be resolved.  If such a conversation proves to be unsuccessful then it might be unclear how you can proceed to either address the concerns or to resolve any outstanding contractual issues, particularly if the customer is refusing to allow you to return to site with the job being incomplete.

No two consumer disputes are the same but our team of expert dispute resolution solicitors have extensive combined experience in bringing and defending all manner of consumer disputes and are ideally placed to advise and guide you through all manner of consumer issues and, should such prove necessary, any claim.

Our objective will be to avoid litigation whenever possible.  We will always work with you to discuss the best way ahead in your consumer dispute, tactically speaking, and to aim to resolve the matter before it escalates to formal legal proceedings.  Having said this, where a claim at court does prove necessary, our team will provide tailored advice to suit your needs and the specific individual requirements of your case.

It is important to note that where the sum claimed is less than £10,000, it is unlikely that your legal costs will be recoverable, regardless of whether the claim is successful.

How can we help you?

We advise on all aspects of consumer disputes including:

  • Consumer contracts
  • The Consumer Rights Act 2015
  • Trader misrepresentation
  • Aggressive selling techniques
  • Non-payment of fees
  • Delay in completing contracted works and/or tradesmen failing to return to the site
  • Applications to the appropriate Ombudsman or Trading Standards;
  • Faulty and/or defective goods or digital content; and
  • Consumer finance and insurance complaints