Cycling Collision – Nockolds Secures Settlement for Life-Changing Knee Injury

Mr L was a very active individual and keen cyclist. He was cycling on the road fairly early in the morning in his local area. Upon approaching a roundabout, he stopped to give way to traffic coming from the right. A car approached behind him and did not stop but instead collided into the back of him and knocked him off his bike.

Unfortunately, Mr L’s leg was fractured breaking the bone just below his knee joint. He required surgery and his initial recovery progressed without complication. After a few months of physiotherapy and specific exercise to rehabilitate his leg it became apparent that his recovery had reached a plateau and was not likely to recover much more. He continued to have regular pain and difficulties which limited his ability to return to the activities and sports that he most enjoyed and also caused some problems with his ability to work.

We obtained expert evidence which confirmed that his injuries were going to be permanent and would not improve any more. The trauma to his knee had increased his chances of developing osteoarthritis even to the extent that he may require a knee replacement in the future. The work in obtaining this evidence became pivotal in proving that Mr L was entitled to compensation for his future as well as for his pain and suffering and financial losses during the initial recovery period. Overall we were able to obtain a successful settlement for him, which reimburse his out of pocket expenses, included the cost of rehab treatment he received during the claim, and looking forward, helped him to find other activities and hobbies that he can enjoy in spite of his injuries to maintain his physical health and wellbeing.