Where can a Business start with Improving their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI&B)?

By Kimberley Wallace

Senior HR Consultant

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging is an important focus of a company’s brand, identity and culture. It’s also an increasingly significant aspect that prospective candidates and current employees want to know more about. But how do you get started on this area if it isn’t something your business has considered before and what activities might it involve?

Below I’ve provided some ideas on how a company might approach considering and improving DEI&B activities at there business.

  1. Begin by understanding your existing staff demographics better, particularly if this is something that your business has never monitored before. This can be completed via a confidentially run diversity questionnaire. This can help to understand how representative and balanced your workforce demographics are and areas in which you can improve.
  2. Show a real commitment to developing your businesses DEI&B by setting up an inclusive project team with leadership involvement. Work to develop the company’s DEI&I objectives, strategy and commitment statement;
  3. Review and amend your business’ current recruitment process and look to reduce any potential bias in the process, also include considerations of positive discrimination, the application process, identifying any limiting barriers to employment for certain groups (e.g. neurodiverse), inclusive recruitment sources and agencies etc.;
  4. Review your business’ other internal HR procedures including learning and development, reward strategies, performance and appraisal processes, onboarding and induction pathways, employee exits, internal communication etc. to reduce any bias or barriers than certain groups may face;
  5. Carry out an employee feedback survey that focuses on ‘DEI&B at work’. This will help to gain valuable insight on the ‘as-is’ in this area within your business. consistently measure results by sending out the same survey questions at appropriate intervals (e.g. annually). Track any improvements or declines in this important area and can help to identify why.  
  6. Run Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Training Workshops (for senior leadership, line managers and employees) training employees in this area and in particular on important concepts such as allyship, belonging, championing DEI&B, inclusive leadership, culture, hiring, microaggressions, unconscious bias;
  7. Facilitate the set-up of any relevant and key Employee Resource Groups at your business; these are voluntary employ-led groups that can support, promote the needs of, communicate, build relationships and belonging for certain employee groups (usually organised on the basis of common identities, characteristics, interests or backgrounds);
  8. Work to develop your company website and careers page (if you have one) to outline the company’s commitment to DEI&B as well as what activities are in to support this at your business (e.g. employee resource groups);

There are of course many other DEI&B activities that a company could implement, this is hopefully a helpful start to get companies thinking about what they can do to improved DEI&B in their workplace.

If you have any questions about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at your business or would like support implementing any of the above projects then please contact Kim Wallace, Senior HR Consultant at Nockolds HR via kim@nockoldshr.co.uk or 0345 646 0406.