Energy Disputes

With the ever-evolving financial climate, energy disputes are becoming a common issue.

Unfortunately, certain energy companies are seeking to recover or charge additional monies where they can, and in doing so the approach is not always lawful.

If you have experienced issues with your energy provider, our specialist team is able to assist in ensuring that your rights are restored. We can work with you to ensure you are put in the best possible position to deal with such issues.

How can we help you?

Our expert commercial litigation team is able to act quickly and efficiently in dealing with such matters.

We have been instructed to make complaints to the Energy Ombudsman for a provider seeking to increase a fixed rate tariff and to liaise with a provider who sought to levy significantly higher charges for an energy supply, without a clearly registered MPAN to identify the supplier, on deemed rates.

We are able to deal with all manners of energy disputes, and the strategies can include the following:

  • Engaging in dialogue with your energy provider to resolve the issues.
  • Making a claim to the Energy Ombudsman.
  • Taking legal action by way of court proceedings.

Recent Successes

We acted for a company (A) that took out a fixed-term fixed-rate energy contract with a supplier (B). These rates were preferential at the time, and due to industry changes and a bottleneck in energy supplies, the provider sought to increase the tariff. We successfully applied to the Energy Ombudsman and obtained a determination for the contractual rates to be reinstated. A full summary of the case is here.

We recently acted for an individual (A) who had rented out a property to a tenant (B) on a commercial lease. B went into liquidation and surrendered the interest in the lease. The energy provider (C) was appointed by B, but on the lease termination, B did not notify A of the provider. The MPAN was not clearly registered to a specific provider, and as such A had no method of ascertaining who the supply was with. After receiving countless letters demanding sums that were due, we were able to successfully engage in dialogues with the provider, to waive any of the arrears in respect of the period during which the lease was in force and the tenant responsible for paying the energy costs. We were then able to successfully negotiate a sum payable for the supply used, post termination of the lease, without the need for the supply to be cut off and/or further court action taken.