Defamation occurs, in its simplest form, where an allegation or statement is made about you which is untrue. Such comments, whether made verbally or in writing, can cause significant disruption and upset to a business but also severely harm its reputation which, in turn, affects consumer opinion which perpetuates the harm.

In the world of business, we recognise that one's reputation can be incredibly significant. Indeed, it can be the difference between securing a contract or failing to do so. It is often hard-earned and represents the culmination of significant time and effort. In this way, the reputation of a business is an invaluable asset which is unique to that business.  Unfortunately, it is now all too easy for a dissatisfied or disgruntled customer to make their views public through social media. Such comments, if untrue or misleading, can cause serious harm and affect the short and long term success of a business. This is the essence of a claim for defamation.

It is crucial, when confronted with defamation issues, that you take swift advice to better understand your options as soon becoming aware of any such defamatory comment in order to mitigate its impact.

How can we help you?

If you are a business, individual or sole trader and someone has made an untrue or misleading statements about you to the public, our team of specialist dispute resolution solicitors are on hand to provide the advice you need to navigate you through what can be an upsetting and traumatic claim.  We have experience of dealing with defamatory cases and will provided you with assured commercially focused advice targeted at protecting your reputation and, where possible, seeking compensation in respect of it.

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