Contract Review

Nockolds has worked with a range of commercial clients to undertake contractual review exercises, to analyse their agreements and to assess compliance with regulatory requirements imposed by regulators such as the Prudential Regulation Authority.  We also undertake contract reviews to provide specific advice targeted at simply helping clients to better understand their contractual documents and how they might be improved.

We can assist you with developing tools to record key information from commercial contracts, to oversee their operation and seek to enhance performance and profitability.

Nockolds can draw from fee earners across a number of departments to review commercial contracts from a corporate/commercial perspective, consider what provision it makes for dealing with employment issues, how it protects each party’s intellectual property rights and how any disputes are to be dealt with.

The contract review analysis that we have undertaken has helped contracting parties understand their obligations from the outset of the relationship and as it continues. As part of this process, we have seconded fee earners in-house to assist organisations with ongoing monitoring of their contractual obligations.

How can we help you?

  • Working with you to determine the scope of contracts to be reviewed and helping you to collate complete copies of more substantial contracts;
  • Developing and tailoring tools to record key contractual information, contract structure and performance metrics;
  • Providing support to contract managers and even working in-house to support the management of a large bank of contracts;
  • Reviewing your contractual obligations with a view to capturing key information and helping you to increase performance and profitability;
  • Assisting you to track … of a contract … delivery of different components of projects.