Register now for “How Mediation Can Help Resolve the Most Challenging of Complaints” Webinar

By Jennie Jones


Open for registration now, a webinar hosted by Jennie Jones, Partner and Head of Nockolds Resolution, will provide powerful insights into the ways in which mediation can be used to help resolve  challenging complaints.

Taking place on 16th April at 14:30 BST across forty-five minutes, Jennie will provide invaluable insights that will help professionals adapt their approach to complaints within their organisation. Drawing from her extensive two decades of experience, she will delve into the power of mediation in resolving even the most complex of disputes. In short, the webinar will equip attendees with the tools and strategies they need to navigate complaints with greater effectiveness.

What sets this webinar apart is its practical approach. Jennie will not only share theoretical concepts but will also dive into real-world case studies and examples. By showcasing how a client-focused approach can drive efficient resolution, she’ll demonstrate the tangible benefits of leveraging mediation in an increasingly challenging client environment.

In addition to providing actionable insights, Jennie will also introduce and provide greater clarity around the newly launched Complaint Resolution Service. Providing organisations with access to qualified and experienced mediation professionals whenever and wherever they’re needed. Using this innovative service, businesses can ultimately streamline their complaint resolution efforts, saving time, resources, and ultimately, preserving valuable relationships.

Sign up at the following link to join the webinar and take the first step towards transforming your approach to complaint resolution.