Official Translation – Dispute Resolution

Dalila Segador

Head of Official Translations

Our clients had been granted a judgment by the Spanish Court in their favour against a debtor who was living in the UK. The Spanish judgment needed to be enforced in the UK and therefore an official translation of the judgment into English was necessary.

The Spanish and English legal systems are very different. These differences are also obvious in the procedural terminology. Besides, there is no equivalency between the Spanish and English Courts and Tribunal, therefore the official translator must find ways to reflect the meaning and functions of each Court and Tribunal in the official translation.

The authorities in the UK accepted the official translation and the judgment was enforced.  The debtor paid the debt to our clients.

An official translator is very familiar with the two legal systems involved (Spanish and English) and therefore the translator will produce a legal translation to be accepted by the relevant authorities, either in Spain or the UK.