Official Translation of Documents Needed to Apply for a Spanish Visa

By Dalila Segador

Sworn Official Translator

Non-EU nationals will need to apply for a tourist visa when travelling to Spain. If these citizens are living in the UK, they can apply for the visa through the Spanish Consulate in London.

In cases related to sponsored trips, the applicant, among other documents, must submit:

  • A notarised sponsorship letter signed and dated. This letter must be signed by the person who is sponsoring the trip before a Notary Public in the UK. The person sponsoring the trip will be an EU national and, in the letter, will confirm that he or she is sponsoring the trip and will give details about the person sponsored and about the trip (dates, accommodation, etc.)
  • An employment letter issued by the employer of the person sponsoring the trip. This letter must confirm the employee’s details such as job title, salary, type of contract, etc.

An official translation into Spanish of both documents stated above must be submitted together with the aforesaid English documents when applying for the visa at the Spanish Consulate.

The purpose of a sworn translation is to confer the translated document the same legal value as the original document by providing it with international legal validity

Official translators are expert in the terminology used in the previously mentioned documents and the differences and similarities between the two legal systems involved (Spanish and English in this case), therefore they will produce accurate official translations to be accepted by the British and Spanish authorities.