Mediation for Christmas



It is never too soon to try to resolve Christmas arrangements, as the sooner they are agreed then ongoing uncertainty and stress can be reduced which benefits both children and their parents. 

Christmas is often an emotional time and the added worry of what the plan will be does not help. Although children are only just going back to school after summer, it may be already difficult to get a hearing date in time if a decision is needed from the Court, and so it is worth considering other options. 

Mediation can be a good way to progress matters and maintain and work at improving communication between parents, and can involve children by giving them a voice in the process. There is still a government voucher scheme which can cover a mediation session about child arrangements. Arbitration is also a good option where a quick decision is needed.

Zen Thompson at Nockolds is both an accredited family mediator and able to see children in mediation and offer the government voucher scheme, and a Chartered Arbitrator in relation to child arrangements. 

To discuss your issues and how we can help you, please call Zen on 01279 712 553 or by email at