LGBT+ History Month

By Mia Gaitely

HR Consultant

In the month of February, LGBT+ History Month is observed around the UK, the purpose of this is to provide an opportunity to connect and consider the history and presence of the LGBT+ community. This enables people to examine what they may have learned from the past and to the future, as well as to celebrate LGBT+ culture and the movement towards equality over time.

How can Employers support LGBT+ within their workplace?

HR policies are in place and are inclusive of the LGBT+ community, such as providing parental leave for employees in same-sex relationships who adopt a child or if they have sick leave in the event of a medical procedure involving gender reassignment.

Providing bathrooms available for all genders will also encourage inclusivity for diversity within the workplace.

Colleagues and line managers must get education for them to support, respect, and understand the organisation’s cultural stance, which is essential for advancing culture through an organisational imperative. Mentoring is a useful tool for fostering inclusivity and diversity in the workplace since it brings together people with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints and facilitates discussion amongst them.

Supporting and taking part in impact events, such as Pride parades or LGBT+ gatherings, this month can serve as an effective communication tool and send a positive message to staff members, outside stakeholders, and the public. However, this should always be combined with meaningful policies and initiatives.

Employers can also help people form employee resource groups so they can get together to collect both qualitative and quantitative data to develop a workforce. This could stay internal or be connected to outside organisations that staff members can join and participate in.

What can you do for the month of LGBT+ to raise awareness?

  • Think about hiring a LGBT+ Speaker for a few hours, this could be beneficial for employees. Gaining education from a speaker who are SMEs in the subject can be a real win! A webinar could also be an option, for flexibility!
  • Sharing LGBT+ Resources for employees to use outside of work, this can be contact numbers and websites of LGBT+ Communities etc.
  • Being open about LGBT+ and having conversations with others.

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