Continued Problems at DVLA…

By Peter Dodd


We have had a number of requests for advice on parking charge matters each week. Whilst they are the bane of a motoring practitioners life (as they are quite dull to deal with) we see them as a PR/BD or marketing exercise to take time with any query we receive as clients are always grateful for the direction.

What we have found of interest for sharing is that due to continued difficulties at the DVLA where there is a delayed change of ownership at the DVLA (their end) people are regularly finding themselves in a real pickle that can take a lot of time to remedy.

An example as follows; the client buys a vehicle and then drives it home past the Dartford Tunnel (always nice to take the scenic route) without remembering to pay the Dart charge. Unfortunately DLVA take ages to register the new owner with the vehicle. The notice from Dart therefore goes to the wrong address (old owner). It is ignored as the old owner did not drive and therefore did not attract the toll charge. The debt collectors are brought in and suddenly they are asking for £700. The old owner directs the bailiffs to the new owner (as they have their address). What to do with a huge fine? We have to become involved to then ask TFL to talk to the bailiffs. The process then has to start again as in law the owner of the vehicle has to have notice of any charge or fine.

If you are still awake then the lesson is to remember to pay the charge and put the address of the vehicle in. A win win for the reader and a win win for the motoring lawyer (always learn from the experience of others).

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