HR for HR Support

What is HR for HR support?

If you run an HR department, you’ll be busy looking after your company’s workforce, but who is looking after you? This is where our ‘HR for HR support’ comes in. We recognize that HR professionals are in the thick of it and manage challenging situations on a daily basis. From overseeing change, to handling challenging situations, to making difficult decisions, to emotionally supporting employees. We have designed our HR for HR support services to offer HR professionals their own support, not only in managing the complexities of their everyday duties, but also handling the pressures of holding a pivotal organisational role which sometimes has to balance business needs against workforce needs.

Why outsource my HR for HR support?

At Nockolds HR all of our consultants are experienced, CIPD qualified HR professionals. Our consultants have worked in internal senior HR positions and in standalone HR roles. So we understand exactly the demands that can be placed on your shoulders. We also fully recognise that sometimes, all you may want to do is talk with another experienced professional to sense check your approach to handling a complex case, or you want to gain some valuable insight from an expert who has implemented successful strategic HR projects. This is why we developed our HR for HR support services.

What HR for HR services can offer my business?

  • Coaching for HR professionals
  • Pay as you go HR support – if you’re a standalone HR professional, it is useful to connect to a network that you can get support from. Nockolds HR provides ‘HR for HR advice’ whether that’s for operational or strategic support:  
    • Operational HR advice – if you are handling a complex employee relation case and want to either sense check your approach, or get advice on how to handle it, then we are at the end of the phone.
    • Strategic HR advice – maybe you are looking to implement a strategic HR project at your business, such as an appraisal system, succession planning or a reward strategy. Nockolds HR can offer professional insight and advice from an experienced HR consultant to support you along the way.
  • HR Workshops – if you (or your HR colleagues) are looking to upskill or learn more, we run training workshops in key areas of HR and People Management. Please see our Workshop pages.
  • Mental Health First Aid support for HR professionals – within our team we have several Mental Health First Aiders. We can offer a telephone support line for HR professionals who may need to unload from job related stress including burnout, handling challenging employee matters, and daily pressure to managing organizational change.
  • Local HR managers can join our HR managers forum – build your external support group with other local HR managers