Official Translations of Documents for Spanish Probate

By Dalila Segador

Head of Official Translations

Official translations of English and Spanish probate documents are very prominent due to the fact that many British citizens have assets in Spain.

Official translators normally have to translate the following English documents into Spanish:

  • The death certificate
  • The grant of probate attaching a copy of the English Will. The grant of probate is a document issued by the English High Court of Justice after the English Will has been validated. A copy of the Will is annexed to the grant. The grant confirms who the executors of the estate are.
  • Letters of administration – if the deceased did not grant a Will, the court will issue letters of administration to confirm who will administer the estate.
  • Deed of variation – a deed of variation is a document which modifies a last Will and testament after the testator has passed away. To be legally valid, the deed of variation has to be signed by the parties involved within two years from the testator’s death.
  • Marriage and birth certificates – these may be necessary to prove the relationship with the deceased.

The English documents above will have to be affixed with the Apostille (legalisation). An Apostille is an official form attached to documents to be used in countries which are signatories of the Hague Convention.

Official translators are experts in the similarities and differences between the two legal systems involved (in this case English and Spanish); therefore, an official translator will produce an accurate translation to be accepted by the Spanish authorities.

In Spain, only official translators appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation are authorised to produce official translations. In Spain, an official translation produced by an official translator does not need to bear the apostille.

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