Official Translation of International Adoption Documents

By Dalila Segador

Head of Official Translations

The official translations of documents needed in an international adoption are essential. The adoption process can be a long one because of the formalities and paperwork involved.

If the child was born in an English or Spanish speaking country, the official translations into English or Spanish of the following legal documents will be required:

  • Adoption application
  • Birth certificate
  • Criminal record
  • Notarised proof of identity
  • Certificate which confirms the civil status
  • Marriage certificate
  • Financial statement
  • Employment certificate
  • Passport

An official translation is the translation of any document which needs to serve as legally valid document.

Only official translators can produce official translations. The official translator acts as a public certifying officer when producing official translations.

Official translators are experts in the legal terminology and the two legal systems involved (Spanish and English in this case) and therefore they will produce accurate translations to be accepted by the Authorities.

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