Leaseholder Protections from Building Safety Costs. Miss it, miss out?

By Kristina Biddlecombe

Senior Associate

If you are the owner of a flat in a building that has building safety defects, you may benefit from protection from having to pay some or all of the costs associated with these.

Your landlord may wish to check whether or not you are entitled to those protections.

In order to do so, they may send you what is known as a Leaseholder Deed of Certificate. You can find one of these here.

If you receive a request from your landlord, management company or managing agent to complete and return the Leaseholder Deed of Certificate you must:

  • Complete and return the Certificate before the date specified in the request;
  • If no date is specified for a response complete and return it within 8 weeks of the request; or
  • Apply for a 4 week extension to the deadline to complete and return the Certificate.

Failure to do so is likely to result in you losing any protections that you might otherwise have enjoyed if you are a leaseholder who owns a flat under a qualifying lease.

We can help you to complete and return your Certificate. For more information and assistance with this please contact Kristina Biddlecombe on 0345 646 0406.