Gender Pay Gap Reporting Extension Expiring on 5 October 2021

By Gary Smith


Since 2017 large employers (defined as those with more than 250 employees) must publish prominently on their website a gender pay gap report which must show;

  1. Overall gender pay gap figures showing both mean and median average hourly pay
  2. The proportion of men and women in each of 4 pay quartiles based on the employer’s overall pay range
  3. Overall gender bonus gap figures showing both mean and median average bonus payments
  4. The proportion of men and women receiving a bonus

Employers may then provide a narrative explaining the figures if they consider it appropriate. The report must be signed by an appropriate senior individual confirming that the information is accurate.

ACAS strongly encourages employers caught by the regulations to also produce an action plan of steps they are to take to close any gender pay gap which exists.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission has responsibility for enforcing compliance with the regulations and due to the COVID pandemic confirmed that it would extend the deadline for compliance from April 2021 until 5 October 2021. This deadline is a little over a week away and there is currently no sign of the EHRC extending this deadline.

If you are a large employer caught by these regulations you will therefore need to publish your report next week, something many employers have forgotten about.

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