Sworn Translation of the English Naturalisation Certificate

By Dalila Segador

Head of Official Translations

Many Spanish citizens applied for British nationality when they moved to the UK many years ago. At the time it was not possible to keep their Spanish nationality and they had to renounce their Spanish nationality to acquire British nationality. They normally signed a naturalisation certificate.

Many Spanish women who married British citizens in the UK also applied for British nationality through the naturalisation certificate and renounced their Spanish nationality as well.

The naturalisation certificate indicates the applicant’s personal particulars and the date of applying for British nationality. For women married to British citizens, the naturalisation certificate will also refer to their marriage and their husbands’ particulars.

However, it is now possible for those Spanish citizens who renounced their Spanish nationality many years ago to recover their Spanish nationality.

There has been a continuous growth in the demand for Sworn translations of the English naturalisation certificate into Spanish because of Brexit. A lot of people wish to recover their Spanish nationality so that they can have a Spanish passport and then apply for Spanish nationality for their children (while keeping their British nationality).

Likewise, many Spanish citizens are now obtaining British nationality so that they can have a British passport. These citizens still want to keep their Spanish nationality and must notify this to the Spanish Consulate. One of the documents to submit is the certificate of naturalisation together with its Sworn translation into Spanish.

The application to recover Spanish nationality must be done through the Spanish Consulate in London.

The Sworn translation of the English naturalisation certificate into Spanish must be submitted. If the applicant is a woman who married a British citizen, the Sworn translation of the English marriage certificate must be submitted as well.

As a result of Brexit, it is now necessary to submit a certified copy (by a solicitor or notary public) of the certificate of naturalisation and this certified copy must be legalised (apostille).

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