Survey Shows Less than Half of UK Businesses Have a Diversity and Inclusion Policy

By Kimberley Wallace

Senior HR Consultant

The 2022 Inclusion and Diversity survey carried out by the CIPD and YouGov plc has produced some surprising results. The survey featured responses from 2,009 senior decision-makers in UK organisations including micro, SME and large businesses in private, public and third sector.

Shockingly, less than half of the businesses surveyed (just 48%) has a stand-alone Diversity and Inclusion policy or strategy in place. Of those that do have a Diversity and Inclusion policy/strategy, 18% do not review its effectiveness, or take steps to make improvements in these areas. Sadly, 36% of respondents say their organisation will not focus on improving inclusion and diversity in the workplace in the next five years. And just 7% have a specific budget for D&I. And in terms of leadership, almost a quarter (23%) of respondents agreed that senior leaders were uncomfortable talking about D&I.

The results show that many companies seem to be losing focus on diversity initiatives or incorrectly assume that they do not need to do further work to improve in this area.  As a result of the survey, the CIPD has made the following seven recommendations to improve D&I practices:

  1. Build an evidence based long term plan or strategy wit impact measures to track progress
  2. Take a data driven approach to gain buy in, investment and maximum impact
  3. Critically assess your people management approach with a D&I lens
  4. Enable managers, including through job design and training on core people management skills, to fulfil their key role in creating inclusive workplaces
  5. Support leaders to champion D&I as role models and hold others accountable
  6. Tailor your D&I approach to your organisation context
  7. Take a long-term view, don’t take your foot off the pedal

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