Grey Fleet

Employers owe exactly the same duty of care under health and safety law in respect of the activities of staff who drive their own vehicles for work (‘grey fleet’) as they do for employees who drive company vehicles. Breach of that duty can result in prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act. 

In addition to health and safety legislation it is also an offence under road traffic law to ‘cause or permit’ a person to drive a vehicle that is in a dangerous condition, or without a valid MOT test certificate, or without third party insurance (with business use cover). 

Because ‘grey fleet’ vehicles are not supplied by the business they can pose a greater challenge. 

Our Service

Owner Driver Management covers your risk and keeps you compliant with your obligations by ensuring appropriate checks on the insurance, MOT and roadworthiness of the vehicle are carried out. The service is accessed via the online portal. Alerts can be easily managed to warn of document, MOT and tax expiry dates.

Two packages are available, which cover the following checks:

Package 1

  • Appropriate business use insurance 
  • Valid MOT for the vehicle

Package 2

  • Appropriate business use insurance 
  • Business mileage history
  • Driver health declaration (optional)
  • Last service and mileage date
  • Valid MOT for the vehicle
  • VED (car tax) expiry detail

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