Registered High Risk Residential Buildings – The New Normal

By Lucy Riley

Legal Director

For those who are responsible for high rise or higher risk residential buildings, there is a critical deadline that has come and gone – 1 October 2023.  This marked the closing date for the registration of existing high-risk buildings in England. A high-risk building is one which has:

  • at least 7 floors; or
  • that is at least 18 metres tall; and

that has at least two residential units.

Organisations and individuals that own or are accountable for the safety of higher risk buildings, also known as Principal Accountable Persons, were previously given 6 months from April to October 2023 to attend to registration.

If you missed the 1 October deadline you are not alone, but it is important that you act swiftly. Many often overlook deadlines of this type, leading to serious consequences.  In this case, you could face significant sanctions including prosecution for non-compliance with registration requirements.

If you own or are responsible for the safety of such a property, it is imperative to understand the significance of this deadline and take action accordingly.

Moving Forward

1 October 2023 marked a milestone in the implementation of new regulations aimed at enhancing the safety of higher risk residential buildings.  The Building Safety (Regulators Charges) Regulations 2023 and the first Building Safety Regulator charging scheme came into force on that day.

These regulations allow the Building Safety Regulator to recover charges in accordance with its relevant chargeable functions.

Moving forward, all higher risk buildings in England need to be registered.  This means that if you are building or planning on building a higher risk property you need to apply for registration online.

To register a higher risk  building, you must submit information regarding the property, its structure and fire safety.

Our experienced team at Nockolds Solicitors is well-versed in the intricacies of these new regulations and can help you navigate the complex requirements.

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