Official Translation of a Spanish Deed to Get Married in Spain

By Dalila Segador

Head of Official Translations

In Spain, people can get married before a Notary at a Notary’s office. The would-be spouses will have to attend a Notary’s Office to sign the Deed of Marriage before the Notary and two witnesses.

An official translation into English of the Spanish Deed may be needed if one of the spouses or both spouses are British, living in Spain at the time, and have to confirm the marriage to the British Authorities.

The Deed will confirm the following information:

  1. Professional details of Notary
  2. Personal details of Spouses
  3. Personal details of Witnesses
  4. Compliance with the legal requirements

The Notary will have to indicate that the would-be spouses have the necessary legal capacity to execute the Deed of Marriage. The would-be spouses will have to confirm that they agree to marry each other.

Once the spouses, the witnesses and the Notary have signed the Deed, the Notary will submit the signed and notarised Deed to the relevant Registry Office in Spain to have the marriage registered. Finally, the Registry Office will issue the marriage certificate.

Official translators will produce an official translation of the deed of marriage and the marriage certificate into English. For example, if the wife is British and wishes to take her husband’s surname she will have to submit the Spanish documents with their official translations to the Passport Office and banks.

There is no equivalent of a Deed of Marriage in the UK. Official translators will produce an accurate translation into English which will include the necessary explanation for the authorities in the UK so that they can understand the legal formalities included in the Spanish Deed.

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