Nockolds Employees Take on Challenging Hike for Charity

On the 16 March 2024, 30 Nockolds employees will be heading out to the Costa del Sol to climb the peak of La Concha; a rocky mountain in Marbella that is 1215 meters above sea level. It will be a technical and difficult endurance challenge, that will take around 8-9 hours to complete, all while raising money for a worthy, local cause, the DEBRA association.

The DEBRA association in Marbella offers patient and family support for people living with the rare, extremely painful, genetic skin blistering condition, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), also known as ‘Butterfly Skin’. In 2016, local firefighters carried a bench up to the peak to raise awareness for this condition and our aim is to get a group photo with it to continue spreading awareness.

To find out more about our challenge, the DEBRA association, or to donate, please visit our fundraising page here.