Happy International HR Day 2022!

By Kimberley Wallace

Senior HR Consultant

Today (20 May 2022) sees the celebration of International HR Day 2022, which is an international recognition of all the hardworking HR and People professionals around the world.

Why celebrate HR?

International HR Day is a means to celebrate the positive contribution that HR professionals make to their businesses including:

  • Driving business success through attracting and developing workforce talents
  • Helping people develop, learn and grow
  • Supporting the workforces’ personal and business needs
  • Shaping the business’ culture and values
  • Developing innovative people practices and initiatives
  • Being there throughout the whole employee lifecycle – from recruiting and onboarding all the way through to supporting departures.

This year’s theme

Each International HR Day has a theme, and for 2022 the day’s topics is about ‘HR Shaping The New Future’.

The European Association for People Management said that this year’s theme was focused on “HR [building] into something bigger than itself. It is about our role as a profession in leading change to improve working lives and not slipping back into traditional ways of thinking and working. The theme implies we are leading a future that will be more inclusive, flexible, and participative, one that will benefit workers, organizations, and society as a whole.”

How should your HR function be ‘shaping the future’?

The CIPD have identified 5 keys areas that HR teams should be considering to future proof their businesses:

  • Internal change – developing future fit skills in a changing world and anticipating workplace shifts
  • Technological and digital transformation – developing skills and resourcing expertise for an ever growing digital world as well as addressing the impact of digital transformation on people and their roles
  • Changing demographics and DI strategies – developing more effective Diversity and Inclusion strategies and inclusion practices
  • Diversity of employment relationships – understanding the complex environment of multiple types of employment and culture of multiple jobs
  • Sustainability, purpose and responsible business – adapting people functions to reflect growing corporate social responsibility, sustainability and responsible business practices

Your people partners

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