Green Light for the Property Market

By Karen Chui

Principal Associate

Following the Government’s announcement on Sunday evening we all collectively held our breath while we waited to hear what this would mean for the property market. Now we can finally breathe again as the green light has been given for people to move, estate agencies to open and construction to finally begin anew. A healthy residential property market is essential, acting as both the engine and heart of our economy. At long last the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel in England. See link:

Many of us have been tirelessly working and supporting our clients to move since March to help those who have been unexpectedly caught in the lockdown, amid unprecedented difficulties. As the lockdown has continued the areas where the stress has been most acute are the restrictive movement of people, accessibility of removals, access to domestic waste sites/skips, all of which make a demanding move even more stressful. As the Government’s intention becomes clear over this week the message is received that all of those concerned in residential property should be open for business and for people to get on with the job of living within the sensible confines of public health and safety measures.

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