Government Proposes Changes to Working Time Directive

By Gary Smith


It is being reported today that the Government is considering reforms to the EU Working Time Directive as a part of it’s push to reduce red tape.

Specifically the Government is proposing to remove the requirement for employer’s to record the number of hours each member of staff works each week.  This would, effectively, remove the weekly working limit of 48 hours, albeit so many employees opt out of the 48 hour weekly limit that this may not in practice make much difference.  It would also likely involve changes to the current rules around receiving 11 hours daily rest and also the minimum 24 hours weekly rest, as without a record of hours actually worked, it would be difficult to see how such entitlements could be enforced.

It is unlikely that the Government will seek to amend other parts of the Directive such as minimum entitlement to time off.

We will have to see how this will affect the workforce once the Government brings forward it’s legislative proposals.

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