Finding Love Later in Life

By Karen Pritchard

Principal Associate

In this series of blogs, we look at common issues that arise for those that have found love in later life.

For some, they have been previously widowed and have now met someone else. Others have previously been divorced. For some, it is their first serious relationship.

Regardless of history, there are some common issued faced by those that have found love later in life.

Commonly, issues may arise when a couple move in together, whether it be into a home that is owned by one of the couple or a new property. There may be different contributions towards the purchase price or mortgage repayments of a new property.

The couple may choose to marry or enter into a civil partnership. There may then be concerns about what may happen if there is a later divorce. There are often good reasons for the old adage ‘once bitten, twice shy’. Often, individuals want to protect the assets that have built up during their lifetime for their children and are concerned about losing them in a divorce.

And of course, it is always important to consider what one would like to happen in old age and on death. For example, a person may feel conflicted between providing for their new spouse and their children in their Will. There may also be issues surrounding what should happen if a person loses the ability to make their own decisions, and the conflict that may cause.

While this series is broken down into three parts (moving in together, marriage, and death) there is a lot of overlap between the sections and so we would encourage you to think about all of these points if you have found love in later life.

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