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Our Wills, Probate, Tax and Trusts Legal Hour is hosted by Sarah Browne, Principal Associate in our Wills, Probate, Tax and Trusts department.

If you require further help regarding Wills, probate, tax and trusts, please phone us on 01279 755777 or contact Sarah Browne directly.
Our Wills, Probate, Tax and Trusts Team will be hosting the Nockolds Legal Hour on the following dates:

Wednesday 20th June 2018 12pm - 1pm 
Wednesday 1st August 2018 12pm - 1pm 
Wednesday 12th September 2018  12pm - 1pm
Wednesday 24th October 2018  12pm - 1pm 
Wednesday 5th December 2018  12pm - 1pm 

Our Latest Legal Hour Questions (20/06/18)

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I'm reviewing my Will and considering making changes to it. I have two children that unfortunately do not get along with each other very well but I am dividing everything equally between them so don’t think there should be any problems on my death. I've been advised that beneficiaries of the will cannot also be the executors, is that correct?
Beneficiaries are able to act as Executors of a Will, and so you could appoint your two children if you wish to. However if you think they may not be able to work together successfully then this may not be a sensible step.

When choosing Executors we recommend that you choose people who you consider will get on with the job efficiently and can work together reasonably well so that the administration can proceed smoothly.

You can have up to four Executors if you wish to, and if you do have concerns about your children working together effectively then you might consider appointing an independent third party or a professional Executor such as Nockolds.