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Wednesday 10th January 2018  12pm - 1pm 
Wednesday 21st February 2018 12pm - 1pm 
Wednesday 4th April 2018  12pm - 1pm
Wednesday 16th May 2018 12pm - 1pm 
Wednesday 27th June 2018 12pm - 1pm 


Our Latest Legal Hour Questions (21.02.18)

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My new employer requires a reference from my former employer – what information is required in a reference and do they have to provide one? 

Often a reference is required by a prospective employer in order to verify the employees work experience and in some cases work performance. Depending on the type and level of the job, the information required within a reference will vary. Typically however, a basic reference will need to confirm the employee’s former job title and the period of time they spent working for that employer. 
Any additional information will be dependent on what your new employee requires and how much weight they give to the reference as part of their selection process. They may require for example, details about your attendance record, time-keeping, your reason for leaving or your disciplinary record. 
Generally, there is no obligation on the part of a former employer to provide a reference and an employer is within their rights to refuse to provide one. However, an employer’s policy on whether or not one is provided should be consistent and you should be aware of what their policy is and who within the organisation is authorised to provide a reference. A reference provided by an unauthorised person could lead problems later on and can make the reference invalid.