Accident and Injury Claims


Our Accident and Injury Claims Legal Hour is hosted by Rachel Davis, Senior Chartered Legal Executive in our Personal Injury Team.

If you require further help regarding accident and injury claims, please phone us on 01279 755777 or contact Rachel Davis directly. 

Our Accident and Injury Claims Team will be hosting the Nockolds Legal Hour on the following dates:

Wednesday 21st March 2018 12pm - 1pm 
Wednesday 2nd May 2018  12pm - 1pm 
Wednesday 13th June 2018  12pm - 1pm 

Our Latest Legal Hour Questions (21.03.18)

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What will it cost to pursue a Personal Injury Claim?

Most of the claims we handle are on a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement which means that you will only have to pay a percentage of our costs if your claim is successful and you are awarded compensation. At the end of a successful claim, we will recover the majority of your legal costs from your opponent. Any costs we cannot recover will be deducted from your compensation, capped at a maximum of 25% of your compensation award.  We will also take out a legal expenses insurance policy on your behalf, which covers our legal fees and costs if your claim is unsuccessful. 

My mother has been left with ongoing problems following a hospital operation 2 years ago. How do we know if she has a medical negligence claim against the hospital?

Medical negligence claims can arise out of many circumstances where a medical professional has breached the duty of care owed to a patient.  Negligent treatment includes a mistake being made by the professional whilst carrying out the treatment, such as carrying out an operation incorrectly; an omission being made by the professional, such as failing to diagnose a condition; or failure to obtain full and appropriate consent and warn of potential risks and side effects of treatment.

This is a complex area of law which requires specialist advice.  We offer an initial free appointment where one of our dedicated team can take details and advise you further.  Your mother has three years from the date of the potential negligent treatment to bring a claim against the hospital.