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Carbon Monoxide Bill Gathers Support

Jan 11, 2018
Personal injury lawyers and serious injury charities are supporting a parliamentary bill which aims to reduce deaths and brain injuries from carbon monoxide (CO).

Many people can be affected by CO poisoning or live with low-level poisoning without being aware of the cause. The effects can be fatal. Tiredness, headaches and vomiting are immediate symptoms but more long-term effects can include lifelong brain injury. 

Eddie Hughes, MP for Walsall, has put forward the Carbon Monoxide (Detection and Safety) Bill which will be debated in Parliament on Friday 19 January 2018.

The bill contains measures to require audible CO alarms in all rented homes which use combustible fuel – gas, solid fuel or liquid fuel. The measures would apply to private rented homes, social housing and houses in multiple occupation, as well as all new-build homes.

Yasmin Ameer, serious injury specialist at Nockolds Solicitors said:

‘Hundreds of people are hospitalised every year in carbon-monoxide related incidents.  

‘People who survive carbon monoxide poisoning can suffer anoxic brain injury, caused by lack of oxygen, as a result of their exposure.

‘This bill aims to reduce death and serious injury from carbon monoxide poisoning through education, awareness, and mandatory installation of detectors.

‘Carbon monoxide poisoning is predominately a matter of housing safety and we fully support any steps to reduce its devastating impact.’

Clare Mills, Public Affairs Manager for Headway, said: ‘This bill is a great opportunity for MPs from across all political parties to show they are serious about reducing the risk of death and serious brain injury for their constituents. Headway works with people who have suffered life-changing brain injury as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning yet simple measures such as audible CO alarms can prevent these injuries and deaths from happening.

‘We hope all MPs will attend Parliament and support this bill. Their votes on this bill have the power to save lives.’

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